Monday, October 22, 2012

three things

On Mondays, I often find myself reflecting on the past week and noting the little things that are making me happy. I'm currently loving the fall flower bouquet on my kitchen table, which I got to take home from my ad agency's 30th anniversary celebration last week (also feeling lucky that I have such a great job!). Thinking about Vanessa's baby shower and how great it was for all us old high school friends to hang out this past Saturday and look forward to meeting baby Ava! And lastly, loving my Trader Joe's cinnamon broom that makes my house smell a-mazing.
Beautiful centerpiece for the fall

All five of us, Megan, me + Cami, Vanessa (with the cutest little baby bump ever), Sarah & Michelle
(photo via Fashion Lush blog)
Cinnamon Broom! If you're doubting it, try their mini version for just 99 cents.

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