Wednesday, November 30, 2011

breakfast for dinner

It happens to me all the time - you have a crazy day at work and the next thing you know you have little energy or time for dinner.  But you're starving so you need to figure something out, quick!

Those nights I often turn to baked eggs.  Like last night.  Simple to make and throw in the oven, plus I can get other things done while it's baking. Perfect for a cooking novice like myself. Other breakfast foods I turn to for dinner?  Popovers, pancakes and french toast - yum!

Baked Egg:
*Lightly butter the inside of a bowl
*Pour in a tablespoon or two of cream
*Add an egg + paprika, salt, pepper & some green onions
*Bake at 325 degrees for 15-18 minutes (until yolk is cooked to how you like it)
*Scoop out onto a plate and serve with toast

~Baked Egg~

Monday, November 28, 2011

first thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2011 was a milestone - I successfully hosted my first Thanksgiving!  Sure, I had a little help from the boyfriend, but this was my first turkey ever!  I did a lot of research online prior to the big day and wished I had paid more attention all those years my mom did it. But it's not nearly as bad as you might think (I've heard tons of horror stories).  i.e. My mom once told me about someone who actually cooked the turkey with the giblets still inside (uh, gross!!).

I highly recommend this "turkey in a bag" recipe and we also incorporated the feedback of reviewer #1.  Our 17 lb. turkey was cooked to perfection in just 3.5 hours seasoned perfectly with paprika, sage, rosemary, onions, apple and celery. 

Turkey in a Bag - Before

Turkey in a Bag - After

{proud of our masterpiece!}

Sunday, November 27, 2011

new beginnings

I've always (for the last few years) wanted a blog.  I started laying out this blog one year ago - it was one of my New Year's Resolutions.  A blog, I figured, would be a great way to keep track of all the little things in life that are so easily forgotten.  But it took a back seat and never got launched.

I'm determined not to let 2012 go by without chronicling it so I thought my favorite time of year, the holidays, would be a great starting point!

Looking forward to sharing fun details and stories ahead!  And remembering each day, all of the wonderful things life has to offer.  Even those rough days, each day is a new beginning, a fresh start and I'll be capturing those moments here.